Freelance Illustrator

My name is Berber van den Brink, illustrator, graphic designer and creator of images. From Leeuwarden in the Netherlands, I work as a freelancer on various projects. During the past 15 years I have gained a lot of experience as a graphic designer. From logo design and corporate identities to websites and printed media, but also children’s illustrations and imagery for commercial campaigns. Since 2018 I have decided to focus on where my heart lies: making illustrations and images. I do not confine myself to one style but I master several techniques and styles, from watercolor and collages to digital illustrations and image editing, always adapting to the assignment and the audience.

I make illustrations (and designs) for various applications such as: educational material, (children’s) books, posters, packaging, campaigns, exhibitions, wall prints, games and apps, patterns for textile or wrapping paper, magazines, publications and more.

Are you looking for a unique image or unique illustration and does my portfolio appeal to you? Then I think we can achieve something beautiful together.


OSG Sevenwolden, Merk Fryslan, Municipality of Leeuwarden, Municipality of Smallingerland, Municipality of Skarsterlan, Limor, Historical Centre Leeuwarden, FBTO, Tom Tom, Timpaangroep, Veiligheidsregio Fryslan, GH+O, Leeuwarden CH2018, Tresoar, Afuk, Donkergroen hoveniers, NTI NLP, Keunstwurk